Healing through art: introducing 'She Speaks' - a platform where women can heal through the written word.
“I was not in a good mental space; I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2017 but was doing well and got used to living with it but in 2020 I was then diagnosed with Stage 4 and at the same time found out I was 3 months pregnant and I had to take chemotherapy whilst I was pregnant, I also lost my job because of COVID. So I was in a period of trying to figure my life out, trying to get my life back to what was normal for me. And one night I had a dream, it was about She Speaks and it being a women empowerment organisation``

Creative World, meet ‘She Speaks’  – a platform that has emerged from a personal healing journey and grown into a vision to be a safe space for all women to heal. She Speaks encourages expression from a place of radical transparency, for when we feel, we can heal. 

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And because I had so many negative things happening around me, I had nothing to loose and started working towards bringing it to life. At first it was going to be a podcast where I had different topics and spoke to different women but then later I realised that through my experiences that I was going through another women can be healed so I started writing things I felt and things that came to mind that I told myself that got me through the day, hoping it will help another women too.

What is She Speaks?

It is a platform where women can heal through written word.  

Where is She Speaks headed? 

I want it to be a sisterhood where women stand together and help each other heal, through any form of expression. If its writing, song, acting etc. When I was going through my lows, I did feel alone, even though I did have a support structure I just still felt alone and I don’t want women to ever feel that way. I would like us to be a support system.

Do you have any narratives surrounding women, now, that you wish to debunk? 

I get quite annoyed when people generalise saying “All women just want you or want to know you because of your money”. There are some hard working women out there that do not deserve to be put in that stereotype and I believe I am one of those women. So I would like to debunk the narrative of how women are lazy and want to use people for their money. I would also like for people to listen to women with the same ear that they listen to men, I am not saying men and women are equal, all I am saying is what comes out of our mouths has just as much substance as what comes out of a man’s mouth.  

Can you share some art pieces that have been produced by you / other women highlighting your mission / a message you wish to share.

A message I would like to share: It is not over till God says its over. What I have learnt about my health is, even if the Dr’s give you a certain amount of time to live, God may have a longer time for you so go to God for everything. And live, do something everyday that makes you happy cause you don’t know when its your time to rest eternally. 

I hope this is enough and I make sense.

Indeed. Thanks for your words and truth and your time.




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