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If don’t yet know Index, dont box him in your typical rapper, get out your headphones and get ready to turn on and turn up, because Index has got something to say.

Musician and poet Nkululeko Dlomo is one of those artists ready to break boundaries and push the limits of his creative expression to inspire others. Born and raised in the streets of South Africa’s third largest township Khayelitsha, he quickly grew to understand that the flawed systems around him keeping the social (dis)order of his home town, needed to come down, and that his innate ability to create music was not only an emotional outlet but a driver of change.

Index’s life reflects the history of his township: rooted in hustling and overcoming obstacles. Khayelitsha, a product of Apartheid segregation. came about because black workers from the Eastern Cape were not allowed to migrate, work, or own property in the Western Cape and so they had to build a home for themseves on the outskirts of Cape Town. This home is now one of the country’s main rap-scenes, bursting with talent from musicians and artists like Index, who battle with the city’s burdened history through their creations.

Index:  “through hard work and determination I believe I’m the next big thing”

Nkululeko Dlomo

Fuelled by the legendary artists such as Brenda Fassie, Hugh Masekela, Oskido, Trompies and Prophets of Da City, 16- year-old Index too felt he had an opinion about the world he was born in. That’s when he wrote his first raps inspired by the social ills and everyday life hustles he saw around him. And just like the artists that inspired him, Index was crowned as one of the best rappers in Khayelitsha.

At a young age Nkululeko had already accrued a long list of accomplishments. He has shared the stage with the likes of Teargas, AKA, DJ Zintle, Oskido, Pro, Tumi and the Volume (the list is endless). He has graced stages in places such as, CTICC, Buyelembo Village, Casa Blanca, Imperial, Vaca Mata, Afrikaburn Festival and more.

In 2014 he released his first single “Ebumnandini” and later on released his mixtape “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”. The mixtape quickly built him a following and got the attention of Cape Town’s top producers; David Scott from the Kiffness, Pyro Beats from Ghetto Ruff, Primetime, Mtezman, Jay Dog and Mark Melodik.

Following his initial success came his second hit In 2016 when he released his single titled KUYAFIWA. The song got so much hype that it ended up giving Nkululeko the opportunity of going on tour around the country in provinces such as Gauteng-Johannesburg, North West and Durban. And towards the end of that year he was featured in the front page of Cape Argus-IOL .

Index’s accomplishments don’t stop there though. The driven musician has also ventured into creating his own record label and is now the co-owner of Black Kid Dreamz based in Khayelitsha.

Insider information: Index will be dropping two Ep’s called NDERE and NDERE 2 VERY SOON! Stay tuned for more news!

At AYA.AFRICA we are certain that success for Nkululeko will keep pouring, and we are here, front row, to see it all unfold.



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