AYA Shipping Delivery

Welcome to the AYA Shipping and Delivery page.

We at AYA take our customer satisfaction seriously and we will deliver the products that you purchase on aya.africa, as quickly as we can. We recommend that you read the information on this page, together with our terms and conditions and privacy policy pages.

It is important to understand that, AYA Africa is a platform, that enables African makers and creatives, to load, showcase and sell their great products online, so you that can purchase as gifts, for yourself, friends, family and more.

We take the quality of the products that we list seriously. In light of this, our courier partners collect your “freshly baked” products, right from our trusted vendors and deliver them to your designated address. Should you run into any difficulties or concerns, please do get in touch with us at hello@aya.africa.

Our vendors are our partners. They may also get in touch with you to get more information or clarity on your order, or coordinate with you, to get your products safely to you in good time.

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