AYA Africa welcomes first shipment under the African continental free trade area AfCFTA

Joshua Kibirige unpacks the historic first shipment made from Kenya to Ghana under the new AfCFTA guided trading rules. Rwanda also sent a shipment of Ijire Coffee, also to Ghana.

Traditional business networks, supply chain logistics and service providers are all structured to support scaled or established clients and operations. One of the ways in which smaller players in the value chain can take advantage of these networks, is to collaborate and aggregate, in order to have a more amplified impact. The Africa Continental Free Trade Area, is a policy that is driving the unification of African markets. Having your brand on AYA Africa is a great way to tap into the benefits of aggregating, to be able to quickly take advantage of this unified market. The first shipment in this historic initiative on the continent, is a great start to the implementation we are all eager to see. It has been all talk until this point. AYA Africa celebrates this development and we are excited about the opportunities that we are implementing to unlock more value for our vendors.

Celebrating the opportunity that the first shipment signifies.

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