AYA Africa celebrates Africa Industrialisation Day – 20th November 2022

Joshua Kibirige highlights some noteworthy focus points for the summit this year. Among them are, clear objectives and outcomes and an emphasis on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The AfCFTA needs to be accelerated by countries who have signed up to the agreement. The historic “first shipment” made its way from Kenya to Ghana under the new AfCFTA guided trading rules. Rwanda also sent a shipment of Ijire Coffee, also to Ghana.

One thing Africa has no shortage of is people with incredible ideas and the capacity to help make them see the light of day. However, economic frameworks within African countries, misaligned policy prescriptions and lack of political will are the primary stumbling blocks to economic development and social progres. Despite this, it’s pleasing to know that there are companies and individuals who are bucking the trend of despondency and giving the continent something to latch onto and work towards in creating the business environment that Africa yearns for.

More action, clear goals and objectives – This is what the continent needs from leadership.
Commitment is a given, to worthy causes.

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